Change communications

Upheavals in the workplace touch every employee, so open and timely communication is essential in getting your personnel behind any changes. Our experts help you to plan and execute your change-communications approach. We have decades of experience with company relocation projects, strategy and organizational changes, mergers, acquisitions, redundancy consultations, and closures of offices and factories.

We work with you right from the planning stage, or jump in any time you need an extra pair of hands. Announcing a change is just the start – its implementation needs to be regularly communicated too. We help you plan and deliver clear messages for every stage of the change.

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Content and publications

While it’s easier than ever to create and publish content, competition for people’s attention is getting tougher all the time. Whatever your target audience’s preferred channel – a website, an intranet, social media, or the daily newspaper – interesting and attention-grabbing content is a must.
But companies often lack the time to create content, and it can be hard to spot a good story when you’re too close to the action. Together with you, we build and bring to life a content plan that works. We are skilled writers – both in Finnish and English – and our network includes excellent illustrators, photographers and graphic designers too.

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Communications as a service

If there is a gap in your communications team, or your project needs a skilled communicator, one of our experts can step in for as long as needed. We hit the ground running and quickly fit in.

We have decades of experience supporting different types of businesses and communications projects, including leading in-house teams at global companies. The feedback we receive from our customers is that our consultants fit into their communications teams just like employees.

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Media communications

As the media environment becomes more centralized, journalists are fewer and busier than ever before. Knowing the right media to focus on makes all the difference.
We help companies to identify and build relationships with the media that matter. Media events and press releases are important, but background discussions and targeted pitches are often what get you the story. Our deep experience in tech means strong relationships with bloggers and journalists in that field.

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Employee communications

We have decades of experience in improving internal communications and boosting employee motivation. Whether it’s building a narrative, implementing a strategy, communicating values, or talking about products, services and people, we deliver the communications services you need.

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Coaching and sparring

Our training toolbox includes coaching for line-manager communication, speaking with journalists, and working with social media. We spar with you to craft your company story, create a communications strategy, build communities, and plan change communications.

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