Aligning communications strategy with company targets

When building a communications strategy and plan, we look into, for example, the company’s business targets

  • brand – how it looks, feels and acts
  • personnel situation
  • products, services and solutions
  • finances and corporate sustainability practices


Too much to do, too few people?

We can provide you with a competent, corporate communications professional as an extension to your team – both for external communications and employee engagement projects. We all are used to working in teams, but we will also happily take care of any sized project independently.

You simply decide what works best for your team: an in-house communications professional for two days a week, a couple of weeks or even for a longer period.

Employees expect open communications

We will help you to find and tailor the ways of working that suit to your team best. Often the need to communicate is around

  • making the strategy meaningful to all employees and sharing it with them
  • company’s business and success stories
  • selection of values and “walking the talk”
  • leadership and line manager communications
  • changes in the organization.

We offer versatile communications training. We can help your employees in getting comfortable with social media and coach them in working with the media. We also train line managers and company leaders in employee communications skills.

Engaging content for all target groups

Stories are the essence of all content creation, whether we are talking about a company’s products, services or strategy. It’s essential to find the company’s tone of voice. Sometimes you have to create something unconventional, in other cases repetition is the best way of influencing. We create digital and other types of content in English and Finnish.

The growing and changing channel range offers new alternatives for communications. Together we can choose the channel that best touches your different target groups..

Focus on content.